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Startup With Us

At OUVC, we don’t expect you to do everything alone. You build the product (or service) and we help you with the tech validation, mentoring, business development, and provide you with market access.

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Our Venture Studio helps you to build your business from scratch


The university provides you with tech expertise, mentoring


We invest in early-stage businesses with a vision of becoming your long-term partner

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„In the realm of venture capital, supporting early-stage enterprises yields the highest value. OUVC’s venture capital and venture studio initiatives not only offer financial backing but also assist with market entry, ensuring that we collaboratively establish a sustainable and innovative business.”
– Hild Imre, CEO, OUVC

Obuda Uni Venture Capital

Shape The Future

Our objective is to collaborate with innovators who can shape our future for good. Beyond the financial support, we empower these innovative enterprises with our expertise and robust network.

Focus areas:

experienced management

The Team

Meet the management team who believes in strong connections that builds strong startup community.

Imre Hild

Imre Hild

Chief Executive Office

Károly Szántó

Károly Szántó

Director of Venture Studio

Gergő Gulyás

Gergő Gulyás

Head of Operations and Strategic Partnerships

Máté Vert

Máté Vert

Business Analyst

Attila Khader

Attila Khader

Head of Finances

Zsuzsanna Rostási

Zsuzsanna Rostási

Office Manager

Gergo Darányi

Gergo Darányi

Investment Manager


OUVC – Partner in innovation

Our contribution goes beyond funding; we are dedicated to provide you with expertise and valuable connections.


Enabling ventures by offering essential capital. Such initial support accelerates business expansion and facilitates swift market entry


Special emphasis is placed on sectors like healthcare, robotics, AI, and sustainability. Nonetheless, any high-quality project across diverse industries is welcome for evaluation.


OUVC not only provides capital but also a team comprised of industry experts and entrepreneurs who assist you in shaping the strategic direction of your business.


An expansive international network is at the disposal of our portfolio companies, providing access to other investors, prospective clients, partners, and specialists.

Credibility and visibility

Without visibility, a venture can be lost in the noise. We ensure that your business stands out in the market, and get you connected to other investors, partners, and clients.

Business development

Engaging actively in business development accelerates client acquisition and fosters quicker industry connections.

€26 Million Fund Dedicated to Innovation

OUVC invests in startups with tickets ranging between 20-300M HUF (50-700k EUR) while proactively exploring both international and local co-investment possibilities.