Venture Studio

OUVC Venture Studio is dedicated to establishing new businesses by uniting talents, innovations, and assets. We offer more than just guidance or mentorship; we actively co-create with the founders. We fill the gaps in team competencies, furnish resources, and grant access to academic expertise. Moreover, we connect them to the expansive networks and expertise of major corporations, our collaborative investors, and global accelerator allies.

Why is A VENTURE STUDIO good for YOU?

Get to know the benefits of Venture Studio!

During business development, you can count on us to identify and reach new business partners and markets, ensuring that pilot projects are realized and sales accelerate.”

International reach

Getting to know international trends and accessing partners and markets is a huge challenge in the early phase. In the Venture Studio, using our partnerships and by transferring best practices, we assist. Every one of our experts has spent time abroad or significant periods in foreign ecosystems. The goal is mutual: to build companies that are relevant internationally!

Corporate relationship

By organizing hackathons, we provide opportunities for talents to showcase themselves and solve market problems. From here, it’s just one step to further develop the idea and launch a startup.

Investor network

Technical validation of startups is a pivotal issue for most investors without a technical background. Drawing on our university connections, our studio can perform validation in-house for external clients in most cases. Due to our processes optimized for such tasks, product development can proceed more quickly and cost-effectively.

University partnership

Beyond technical validation, there are numerous opportunities for joint research and development with the university, allowing startups to access resources and competencies that give them a competitive advantage.

Startup building

Through our online and in-person courses and training, we impart all the knowledge and experience we’ve gained over the past decades so you can embark on your venture prepared. Our courses cover startup business planning, market entry, capital raising, product development, and product-market fit.


We organize numerous programs to accelerate entry into international markets in collaboration with the biggest names in the foreign startup ecosystem. This induces explosive growth in the startup teams and also provides them with immense visibility.

Let’s build your startup together!

The Óbuda University’s venture capital investment fund awaits future innovators with investments combined with professional mentoring.